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Yeah yeah yeah

Get money money
Take money money
Lot of talking with no action don't mean nothing
Never ending rat race we all running
If money bring problems
Let me get the money
Get a mansion like Hugh Heffner where it's sunny
Keep it lowkey with a Playboy Bunny
Rather real life not a pin up
Motivation every time I get up
Downtown doing sit ups
Not a competition but always got the mindset of a winna
Drive up in a sprinter
Rather own assets not renta
We all make mistakes
Listen Linda
Nobody perfect as a sinna
Rastafarian like I'm Skrilla
Require loyalty if I buy you dinner
Don't waste my time
Money on my mind

Preaching God but you can't control me
I know the roots and the full story
Introduce me as the one and only
Respect to ones before me
Like a cult but we still holy
Blood suckers if you watch closely
Vampires stay in hiding mostly
Blue eyes like Sugar Shane Mosley
Southern hospitality we call it cozy
Be yourself or be considered phony
Careful with your words you don't even know me
Do what's necessary is what I'm condoning
Like a model in the mirror how she posing
A&R lady work at Sony
Learn about the business cuz I'm nosey
Money power women
Scarface and Tony

I'll forever be immortalized
Beat me up when I was young
But time flies
Now I say
You should've seen the other guy
An underdog movie getting people energized
But this is not a story that you fantasize
Its real life
Where people die and mother's cry
Where violence and doves fly
Get away with anything on the money side
Jurisdiction not guilty for a homicide
Secret code but they think it's a gang sign
Fear the gods so you go and get your K9
Take accountability cuz you can't blame mine
You can shut me up the day pigs fly
No sympathy and here's why
Everybody taking turns on who should die
Now it's my turn to leave you in the grave to rot

I swear to God if I die
Let my spirit live on to take everything that they took from us
Once we get it back
They're afraid we're going to do what they did to us
Not one time in history does that reflect the freaking truth
Except the influences that they have now