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Woodstock 99

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Feel like its Woodstock 99
Standing on business for sure
It's me no other kind
If you a part of the team
That's it, no switching sides
34 on my jersey until I die
Let me live and let me fly

Like a marine it's no man left behind
Standing on business for sure
You see
Read the signs
Been in position before don't blink
It's hard to find
Gave me a chance and look I'm dropping dimes
Finish it here not overtime
Standing on business
Cuz business is business
Get out the way I'm pushing my limits
Devil dog we on a mission
Go get the money like pimpin is pimpin
LyricalGenes I'm a bit different
What you gotta do to make em listen
Giving orders like a lieutenant
Major Payne leading his children aye

Froze ice cold
AP Rolex all in gold
Mansa Musa Cairo
It look too easy when I go
Life is a hustle
I can tell he don't know what I know
Control the flow like a maestro
Too easy
Ran circles round you with my eyes closed

I thought I was done but I'm going back in it
Don't care how you do it just get it
My personality be splitting
Tell me the tea that you sipping
Bringing the gang but I am not a blood and I am not crippin
If I don't blow then f the world
The entire world I am dissing
Bad Boys
Detroit Pistons
Fish and chips like London and Brixton
Cleveland coming in different
The Browns keep winning and winning
Skill out of this world
You ain't seen this in a minute
Every single song hitting
Bet on me cuz I am not missing
Need it now nothing different
Got anxiety how I fidget
We get one shot you cannot miss it
If you keep missing you practically selling your ticket
Steadily running these digits
I'm actually real it's not a gimmick
The army the navy my discipline rigid
Cold turkey when I'm on a mission
I had her first no double dipping
Angry like a cat when it hisses
Give me a chance I'm pushing the limit
2000s baby
Number has risen
Gave life to money and fame
Just to get your fam out of the trenches
Stormzy too big for your boots and britches
Travel at night by hitching
I don't care if you lose as long as you finish
As long as you finish

Stop caring so much and they listen
Dressed in black and white like a nun who is Christian
Get yourself out the ditches
If it ain't broke don't fix it
Hyperfocus on the mission
OG so I'm limping
Muscles coming out the shirt it's ripping
Fo' fo's like Paul Wall in Tippin yeah