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Keep Your Head High

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Yeah yeah
I been feeling mixed

I been feeling mixed emotions lately
I admit
Becoming more decisive
In what I omit
Never had these thoughts
Never had it
Never had to run
Always had to choose business over having fun
As a kid
I had to grow up fast now
Always bothered by why other kids would leave me out
I had to speak up all the time so they hear me out
Screaming at the top of my lungs
Like can you hear me now
Get on the bus leaving school sad
Finally home but mom's at work
Now I'm getting mad
Taught myself how to be lonely in my own space
Now I'm older and I'm stuck in my own space
Got the phone calling mom while she busy now
Answers it with limited time we can talk it out
Start to talk about my day and how it went about
But I can't explain it and she got to go
Leaving now
To grandma's house I go
She's just down the hill
To talk about my emotions when I need to spill
Mediator of the family who will keep it real
Sad and angry at the same time
But she know the deal
Open the door smelling food from the kitchen room
Granny on the couch watching my every move
Run into her arms cry my eyes out
She don't why
But she says she understands and to
Keep my head held high
Keep your head high

Leaving granny's house
I'm headed back home now
Mom is there off of work so we can talk it out
She's always making time when she doesn't have it at all
We get right to it
Talk for hours and we never stall
We cry, we laugh, we get mad
But we always rekindle
Knowing family is precious and can never dwindle
She taught me honesty and just to never lie
She says my future is bright and to keep your
Head held high
So Imma keep my head held high

For anyone who went through a
Similar life as I did
I understand and I got you
And I'm not the type of person
To just say stuff to win you over
Whatever you're struggling with
Financially emotionally physically mentally
Everybody is human
And we all go through it at some point
You got to learn to suck it up sometimes
And just keep your head high