Written and recorded at 17 years old.
(Beat Prod. by J. Cole)


I had to take this moment just to write even with writers block
Because I got a lot to say even with mental block
Certain people tryna tear me down and I don't know why
When we on the same team and our success apply
To each other
When I win, you win
You lose, we lose
Travelled way too far to give in now and blow a fuse
At the pinnacle to lay it off and pressing snooze?
If you don't move, I'll move
I got a lot to lose
This is personal you understand my news
I got to get my dream so I can pay my dues
Cuz this route is something that I came on cue
A couple years ago, I didn't know what to do
With my life and story
All I wanted was success
Said I ask too many questions, haven't answered yet
People tryna sound smarter than they really are
But I just need the truth
I just want it all


I just want to make it far
I'm tryna fight so hard
I just want to make it far
I'm tryna fight so hard

(Yea, yea)
I don't fight my inner demon
So I focus more
All my spiritual warfare that is going on
A.k.a 'Guerrilla Warfare' if you picked that up
Because I'll go head first
No verse can fulfill it's hunger
Growing with me ever since I was younger
Not knowing what was guiding me and conversating as a youngster
All these angels
Got my back reciprocating
Talking to me through these lyrics and contagious cadence
Testing out what sounds can get me out the basement
And my name forever engraved in the pavement
I'm not complacent
So being rich is a total nascent
Cuz the way I'm thinking is considered unorthodox or adjacent to the average being
Come with me
See what I see for your own well being
But I'm only 17 what do I know right?
Yeah, see that way of thinking is the average being
"Boy, you rapping like you seen it all
You just 6 feet tall
You rapping now, but you probably 'bout to go play ball"
Yeah, ok?
And I will today
That don't mean you can't increase your consciousness from what I say to date
And I'm 6 feet 1 by the way

I just want to make it far
I'm tryna fight so hard
I just want to make it far
I'm tryna fight so hard

Back to solving rubix cubes when I'm done recording
Letting winds drift me to what's important
Not forcing anything that's how I know it's right
Let go of my will to see who takes it every time I write
He comes and goes, but always there when I need him mainly
I just ask and poof
It's kinda crazy
He never sticks around so I can thank him
So, I thank you right now
I thank him


He knows I want to make it far
He sees me fighting so hard
I just need one open door
To get me out the floor