1. Beautiful Mess

Beat Prod. by multi-platinum producer BENJI; Featuring vocals from grammy winning R&B artist, Kehlani.


Beautiful Mess

I know this dude he says he wants to make the NFL
All he cares about is football and nothing else
I told him
You're story's very similar to someone else I know
Except it's music he's pursuing
But whatever back on topic
He says he wants to make it big
College recruits see his name and have to make a bid
Get in the draft so people see his name light up big
Take care of my family, play ball, make money
That's it
I said dawg
You got a plan B?
He said of course that's plan B and C
I said
You got a brace on your knee right now
And every time you raise your hand, your shoulder pops out
He told me
To be realistic
I'm number 10 in the nation
The NFL can't miss me
If I can't walk when I'm 30
Least I battled to the end
And didn't let doubt get into my head

It's a Beautiful Mess
But chase your dreams though
It's a Beautiful Mess
Imma change the topic on the second verse
It's a Beautiful Mess

Stuff ain't always how it seem when it's all together
Only mom and granny see how I deal with pressure
Producing diamonds based on feelings
That change with weather
No matter what get it now
No brag or whatever
Learning magic and it's bringing people in my life
I think I made a friend
I haven't said that in my life
I think I'm being blessed because I had to start over
Passing tests like it's nothing to get over
Ace it from experience
Mentally I'm older
Than what you looking at perceive of me
Much older
That's a part of my enigma that I carry round
Not a celebrity but well respected in my town
Tryna help the people who are lost to be found
Spread the love
That's what this world is missing
Appealing to emotions is my greatest mission
But I go against the grain in this world we live in
It's exhausting but it's a beautiful mess
To see the shock on people's faces
More or less
To show that I'm really here to help
I can handle anything and everything
When you're needing help
Not even Kryptonite can bring me down
Soaring higher than he could
LyricalGenes man
I just thought I throw that in there
Follow your dreams and have no fear
Even though

It's a Beautiful Mess
It can be really but it's beautiful man
It's a beautiful mess
There's beauty in the struggle

I can't be held down
Until I find the girl who acts her age
And not her shoe size
And Imma let that sink in

It's a Beautiful Mess